ASHEN DOMINION announces new signing!!

RAVENTALE – atmospheric black metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine.
8th studio album called “Planetarium” will be released this autumn.
More info coming soon.

And now – enjoy the single, straight from the studio.
RAVENTALE “New World Planetarium” (single)

Yes, I wandered alone
The worlds undone and
Thousands of years
Of perishing fears

No, all the planets are gone
Reclaim is done
The solar crown’s
Dethroned down

Across the peripheral expanse
The shine races, pristine
The God of the Sun is reborn
Wearing the fires to adorn

The haze of decay is dispersed
The shining blazes of the Light
Carve the planetary schemes
On inside of my skin

Shining’s my reflection
Black elements dimension
I sow the constellations
Texturize the foundation
Of my new empire

Renaissance’s direction
Divine reconnection
Distillatory perfection
This is a new world planetarium

So I was chosen from men
Between two parallels of Death
My Universe shudders, torn asunder
Unleashing the clouds of cosmic dust