proudly presents debut full length album.

Will be released as 6-panel digipak CD
                                              in DECEMBER 2016!

Post-black metal band with members of Elderblood,
                      KZOHH, Khors and Ulvegr.


Latest News

posted on 2 September 2019

Available Digipack CD, Wooden Box, T-shirt, Patches, Cup via Ashen Dominion shop: Track list: Schwarzpfad V – Kalte Aurora (Intro I) Schwarzpfad I – First Snow Schwarzpfad II – Universal Provenances Schwarzpfad III – Forefather Of Hangmen Schwarzpfad IV – Heil Ragnarok! Noregsgard Kroda (Intro II) Eternal Path Of Legends In The Smoke Breath […]

posted on 2 September 2019

Available in Digipack CD via Ashen Dominion shop: 6 Panel Digipack CD Tracklist: 1. Funeral         2. Take Me Back           3. Lord Of Justice         4. Ode To Death 5. Hear My Void 6. Ashen Sacrifice

posted on 2 September 2019

Available in Digipack CD via Ashen Dominion shop: 4 Panel Digipack CD with 16 pages booklet Tracklist: 1. Altars of the flame    2. Fall from the darkness above            3. Last breath   4. The ash path is laid in the shade 5. Luring needle 6. Wisdom 7. Tortured by solitude 8. Intro to part two […]

posted on 10 June 2019

Nuitville is Ukrainian blackgaze one-man project, created by the artist and musician Tristan Nuit. Debut EP album “When The Darkness Falls” available in Digipack CD , it’s dedicated to the Night, like to the alive phenomenon, cradle of calmness and inspiration.

posted on 8 December 2018

Available in Digipack CD, T-shirts and Wooden Box via Ashen Dominion shop: KHORS – Beyond The Bestial 6 Panel Digipak Tracklist: За межами тваринного/Beyond the bestial Крiзь обрiй ненароджених зiрок/Through the realm of unborn stars Холодний морок душі/Frigit obscurity of soul Зимовий поступ/Winterfall В морозних обіймах імлі/In the cold embrace of mist Червоні дзеркала/Red […]

posted on 1 October 2018

Available in Digipack CD via Ashen Dominion shop: CHAPTER V F10 “PATHOGENESIS” 6 Panel Digipak Tracklist: 01 – Pathogenesis As Grace / Патогенезис Как Блаженство 02 – Xenomorph Synthesis / Синтез Ксеноморфа 03 – Wrong Alien Endorphin / Инородный Ложный Эндорфин 04 – Blame To Human Beings / Обвинение Человечества 05 – Nuclear Dogma […]

posted on 26 April 2018

Available in Digipack CDs, T-shirts and Wooden Box versions via Ashen Dominion shop: KZOHH “26” 8 Panel Digipak Tracklist: 51°23’20″N,30°6’38″E 61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E KZOHH “Rye.Fleas.Chrismon” + 2 bonus tracks 8 Panel Digipak Track list: Pest kamen mit Schiffen 3.14 Alousia et Pestilentia Ignearia 11.15 Massebegravelser 11.41 Un Drapeau Noir sur L’eglise 9.05 IV Millas Al Dias […]

posted on 31 January 2018

Ulvegr “Vargkult” 4-panel Digipak Tracklist: 1. Rune ice frozen hatred 2. The end is near 3. Cold graves breathing beast 4. Death is our law 5. Cutting off your throat 6. All the sheep to the slaughter 7. We remember the blood t-shirt, sizes M, L, XL      

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posted on 12 January 2018

Pre-order started for our new release ULVEGR “Vargkult” 4-panel digipak CD pre-order price: 9 euro + shipping limited edition t-shirt pre-order price: 12 euro + shipping for order: official release date – 30.01.18

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posted on 24 October 2017

KHORS – “Following The Years Of Blood II”  2CD+DVD Deluxe Digipak Edition + fold out poster Professional live recorded album incl. 130 min of audio & 70 min of video stuff. Tracklist of audio CDs have many great songs from “Nightfalls Onto The Fronts of Ours”, “Wisdom Of Centuries” and “Return To The Abandoned” albums […]

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